24 hours of continuous performances inspired by
Sun Ra's antiwar classic: NUCLEAR WAR.

3:00 pm April 4, 2008 to 3:00 pm April 5, 2008.
Knoxville, Tennessee

The 72hr. Nuclear War, organized by a Portland-based group of artistic collaborators called Red76 took place in Philadelphia last year. An aural guerilla project, the group solicited contributions of cover versions of the Sun Ra Arkestra song Nuclear War and broadcast them using homemade transmitters. The Red76 website describes the project thusly: "For the weekend of March 23rd, 2007, in homage to the Yippies 1967 levitation of the Pentagon, we arranged, in pentagle (sic.) formation, a series of five hand-built radio transmitters around the city of Philadelphia. For the entirety of the weekend we broadcast the accumulated cover versions that we received, sending these personalized missives against war mongering throughout the city for all to listen to as a means of sonic exorcism. As the songs regenerated themselves through the ears, brains, and psyches of the individuals who listened to them we began the process of casting out the demons of governmental aggression summoned forth with such vigor over the last seven years."

This event has inspired an altered copy, to take place not in a city proud to represent revolutionary history, but in a city with an emblematic tower intended to resemble a nuclear explosion, left over from the 1982 World's Fair. Beginning April 4 at 3 pm, a series of twenty-four live performances of new compositions, scattered throughout Knoxville will occur, each lasting one hour and all taking the Sun Ra piece Nuclear War as reference material and inspiration.

this project was a zero-commerce event. performances free to all.

THANK YOU to all who participated, observed, and otherwise helped to make this great event such a success! We need your pictures! If you took pictures at any of the performances, please email them to info@24hournuclearwar.com

download the flyer pdf HERE
flyer design by Rachel Kraft

Press Coverage
14 Hours with 24 Hour Nuclear War, by Eric Dawson of Knoxville Voice.
Surviving a Nuclear War, by Matthew Everett and Charles Maldonado (w/video clip)
An extensive article covering the event written by Lee Marchalonis appears in the
first issue of a new quarterly art journal called Rec'd. The entire issue is available for free in PDF format here.
The article begins on page 21 of the PDF.

24 Hour Nuclear War

03:00 pm

Jason Boardman
concrete/tape music

Knoxville Museum of Art
world's fair park

photo by Leigh Shoemaker
04:00 pm


Sunsphere Observation Deck
the sunsphere

capture from video by Carrie Walker
05:00 pm

Carry Rose

Krutch Park

photo by Bran
06:00 pm

Circle Modern Dance
modern dance

100 block, gay st.

photo by Don Tritt
07:00 pm

Eshka Paper

Host Clothing
old city

photo by you?
08:00 pm

Todd Steed & The Suns Of Phere

Pilot Light
old city

photo by you?
09:00 pm


Legacy Vintage
old city

photo by Jennifer Braeuner
10:00 pm

Jason Bowman

100 block, gay st.

photo by Jesse Wagner
11:00 pm

Copperhead Red
spoken/experimental theater

Market Square

photo by you?
12:00 am

Black Atticus & Kelle Jolly
hip hop/freestyle spoken

Art Gallery of Knoxville
corner of magnolia & gay st.

photo by Chris Molinski
01:00 am

Wil Wright & Natalie Kimro

Knoxville Pearl
old city

photo by you?
02:00 am

Cain Blanchard

Host Clothing
old city

photo by Rachel Kraft
03:00 am

Virgin Killers
psychedelic rock

corner of 4th & gill

photo by Jennifer Braeuner
04:00 am

Bryan Baker

corner of jackson & central

photo by Christian Young
05:00 am

Darker Denim
all drumset band

Tennessee Valley Bicycles
w. magnolia, near central & magnolia, behind the building.

(chopped up) photos by Jennifer Braeuner
06:00 am

Psychic Baos

below gay st. viaduct, on jackson ave.

photo by Rachel Kraft
07:00 am

Ben Maney, Peggy Hambright, & Scott Carpenter
jazz piano/accordion/pots & pans

old city

photo by Jennifer Braeuner
08:00 am

submissions from their project

Old City Java
old city

photo by you?
09:00 am

megaphone/percussion parade

from old city to gay st. bridge

photo by Jason Boardman
10:00 am

David Phillips & Brandon Beavers
bass/trumpet/flute improv rock/jazz

The Bistro
800 s. gay st

photo by Jason Boardman
11:00 am

Bamboo Forest
bamboo pipe drone/percussion/viola

Yee Haw Industries
gay st.

photo by Jason Boardman
12:00 pm

Chris Rusk, Ryan Schaefer, & Sam Stratton

Basement Gallery
old city

photo by Jennifer Braeuner
01:00 pm

Double Shuttle

703 N. Central
near corner of broadway & central

photo by Jason Boardman
02:00 pm

New Madrid

Pilot Light
old city

photo by Jason Boardman

for information : info@24hournuclearwar.com